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Peater gives you the tools to plan meals and lose weight,
with adaptable fitness and nutrition goals made for busy lifestyles.
Easy-to-follow Recipes

Easy-to-follow Recipes

We’ve cooked, tested and photographed thousands of our exclusive meals. Our chefs make sure they’re tasty and nutritionists ensure dietary criteria.

  • Access over 2000 Peater dishes
  • See nutritional values for all meals
  • Pre-measured instructions (cup, tablespoon, slice, etc.)
Meal<br class='pt_hide'> Planning


Choose a starting plan that adapts to you over time. Modify it freely to suit it to your diet, preferences and unplanned treats along the way.

  • 12 starting plans designed by nutritionists
  • Create or add your own meals
  • Replace ingredients or dishes
Shopping Lists

Shopping Lists

A healthy lifestyle can still be part of a busy lifestyle. Peater makes it easier to cook, shop and go about life without the fuss.

  • Plan and add your physical activities
  • Add friends or family to cooking plans
  • Get a quick shopping list in-app
Unlimited Live Support

Unlimited Live Support

Turn to our nutritionists whenever you have a question or need assistance with a dietary problem.

  • Access Peater’s dietitians and nutrition psychologists
  • Contact in a user-friendly interface
  • Track and export dietary history
More Physical Activity

More Physical Activity

Your meal plan (and calorie counts) will adapt to your physical activity and trainings when you add them in the app. Daily calorie needs recalculate automatically.

  • Add 100 sports and activities
  • Automate calorie calculations based on training
  • Daily update of your plan
Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

We do everything to help you achieve your goals.

  • Monitor water consumption
  • Get meal time reminders
  • See results and stats of your plan
With Friends and Family

With Friends and Family

Having a meal with your loved ones may just be the best incentive to eat better. You can cook the same meals for you and your family, without compromising on your diet goals.

  • Easily add your family members or friends
  • Quickly choose how many people will have a meal with you
  • Get meal plans with defined portions for each person!
Recommend Subscribers

Recommend Subscribers

Enjoy the system free of charge!

  • You get 14-days free for every recommended subscriber
  • They get 14-days free to start
  • Lifetime access to Peater for 20 recommended persons!