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Nutrition Plan

Peater guides your daily meal plans, helping you stay more mindful of good food choices and adapting in real time to your lifestyle. Every meal plan and recipe was developed by real chefs, nutritionists, dietitians, psychodietitans and sports nutritionists.


Diet Mediterranean

A classic weight loss diet designed for those who want to lose weight, prevent weight gain or diet-related diseases. Complete your goals easily in the most convenient way.

Diet Economical

Lose weight without losing your wallet! Local, fresh and inexpensive ingredients ensure that you eat a perfectly balanced diet without spending too much.

Diet Convenience

Perfect for busy people! This plan is packed with healthy meals that are quick and easy to prepare. Recurring ingredients and no-cook snack make you healthier, even with limited prep time.

Diet Vegetarian

Being vegetarian or vegan is so much easier when you have a plan! This diet provides your body with necessary macros, proteins and nutrients with tasty and fulfilling meals.

Diet Gluten-Free

The best diet for eliminating gluten from your meals! This plan uses the latest recommendations and standards in gluten intolerance research. Improve your health, enjoy a better skin condition, improve metabolism and reduce the risk of food allergies or food intolerance.

Diet Diabetic

Developed for diabetics and those who struggle with insulin resistance, this plan will significantly lower the risk of diabetic complications. Created by experienced nutritionists with the latest recommendations and standards of diabetic research, this plan helps you lose weight without yoyo effects and easily stabilize blood glucose levels.

Diet Hashimoto

For those diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, food can have a major impact on how well your thyroid functions. Created by experienced nutritionists with the latest recommendations and standards of thyroid and diet research, this plan helps improve how you feel and combats symptoms of Hashimoto’s


The popular MIND diet is designed for brain health, improving memory, concentration and symptoms of depression. This plan is packed with foods that not only help your brain function, but also combat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and SM.


The popular DASH diet is based on the Mediterranean diet, where some of the longest-living humans reside. This plan is designed with the latest research in cardiovascular health to help people with hypertension or high blood pressure and to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis in the future.

Diet Active

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain or overall fitness, the Active Plan helps you achieve your goals and provides clean energy. You’ll see improved performance and optimized tissue regeneration with meals based around good carbohydrates and protein.
Muscle Gain

Diet Muscle Gain

This meal plan is designed to build muscle mass, increase lean body mass, and grow muscle tissue volume. This plan automatically updates with your physical activities and calorie intake. It aims to minimize the sensation of heaviness after a meal and to include alternative sources of healthy proteins: legumes, grains and nuts.

Diet High-Protein

This diet is high in protein, and low in fat or carbohydrates. You’ll build and regenerate muscle tissue faster or recover more quickly from muscle tissue injuries. It ensures the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers and helps your body avoid further injuries.

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