The popular DASH diet is based on the Mediterranean diet, where some of the longest-living humans reside. This plan is designed with the latest research in cardiovascular health to help people with hypertension or high blood pressure and to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis in the future.
  • Significantly lower the risk of heart attack or cardiovascular issues
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Guaranteed your weight loss without sacrificing good eating
  • Get a personalized meal plan adjusted to your individual needs
  • Get advice from experienced nutritionists

Try Thousands of Tasty Meals

Your personalized nutrition plan is the first step to success. Peater offers a huge base of easy-to-follow recipes. Cook what you love and let Peater support your nutrition goals.

See Visible Results Fast


Achieve Lasting Weight Loss

One-size-fits-all diets are over. Peater gives you ownership over your personal nutrition, adapting immediately to your family needs, busy lifestyle or food restrictions.


Cook What You Love

Whether you’re a chef or amateur cook, Peater helps you prepare meals without the fuss, covering cooking tips, adjustable recipes and instructions to be your best kitchen-self.


Save Time and Money

Every meal plan menu helps you shop and use for products without waste. Adjust meals to use whatever you have in your fridge, especially products with a short expiry date.


Get Into Shape

Every day you will eat adequately to your workouts level. Balanced constantly updated diet plan will help you to build your shape faster so you can break further and further goals.


Motivate Yourself

Nothing is more motivating than success! Follow your progress and track completion towards future goals. Your prize will be not only seeing changes in your physical appearance, but in measured data as well!


Feed The Family

Our breakthrough cooking for family options gives you flexibility for meals selection and ingredients. Cook the same meals for you and your family, without compromising on your diet goals.


Meet Your Nutritionist

Peater isn’t just an app - it’s the professional people behind it. Our nutritionists help motivate you and answer any questions you might have about a recipe or food-related health.


Never Get Bored

Deliciously diverse meals are available in each starting plan that adapts to you over time. Modify it freely to suit it to your diet, preferences and unplanned treats along the way. We’ve cooked and tasted all of the meals in our database.

Get Much More Than A Diet

Peater is the most comprehensive online nutrition solution. With live nutritionists and tons of features, you'll achieve your goals easily.

  • Get personalized nutrition plan
  • Use quick shopping lists
  • Replace ingredients and meals
  • Use traning mode
  • Monitor water consumption

Nutritionist support

Peater was a positive surprise. I’d used several other solutions but this one is closest to my visual aesthetics. It’s all clear, the photos of dishes are nice and the menu is highly intuitive. Special credits are owed to the authors for the possibility to contact a professional dietitian. I felt like I was talking to a medical professional.

Support in my disease

My problem is high cholesterol levels. My daughter recommended Peater as a solution offering a broad array of dietary plans. She herself is gluten intolerant and uses the application. The Peater meals are tasty, the program looks nice and and I monitor everything regularly. My last tests are the best confirmation of the fact that the application is working.

Real personalization

I detest diets, but since I started to use Peater, I stopped groaning about it. I used the option to directly contact a dietitian, and with her we established together what I can eat. If any of the proposed meals don’t get to my taste, I just replace it with another one of similar calorie value. In general, Peater is effective, looks good and it’s got all the frills.

Get Support From Experienced Clinical Nutritionists

Peater's nutritionists are ready to answer any doubts you might have about a recipe or diet-related health questions.

Choose A Plan That Fits Your Needs

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